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Gibson House was built for Catherine Hammond Gibson in 1859 and was occupied by three generations of her family. In 1957, after the death of her grandson, Charles Hammond Gibson, Jr. (1874-1954), the house opened as a museum. It was his intention to preserve his home as a monument to both the era and his family. The house remains a preserved legacy of the Victorian era and is designated a National Historical Landmark. The interior showcases nineteenth-century furnishings, books and technological innovations, as well as paintings, photographs and daguerreotypes of the historic Warren family. Gibson House also serves as the headquarters for the Victorian Society in America/New England Chapter.

Charles Jr. had another reason for wanting to leave his house as a musuem. He was poet and author, and felt that he had not received the recognition that was his due. His wish was that in its role as a Victorian House Museum, the house might help someone stumble across his sonnets (most of which are carefully inventoried in here by him) and he would stand a chance of posthumous fame. Charles Jr. wrote many poems in honor of British royalty (Queen Elizabeth and the Prince of Wales among them) as well as lighter odes, such as those to a toad ("Hop, hop, sagacious toad!"), a worm ("the worm has never been treated fairly by mankind") and a turkey. Several of his poems are framed and hang on the walls of the Gibson House; the book collection includes multiple copies of his books of poetry and travel (such as The Wonded Eros: Sonnets and Among French Inns).

For upcoming programs visit the Gibson House website: www.thegibsonhouse.org

Gibson House
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Hours: Wednesday - Sunday, guided tours at 1:00, 2:00, and 3:00 p.m.

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