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Because of its extensive literary history, academic appeal, and large student population, Cambridge is home to a large and diverse array of bookshops. Cambridge actually boasts more bookstores per capita than any city in the world-thirty-six in all, twenty-four of which are in Harvard Square.

Harvard University's famed Widener Library, the largest academic library in the U.S., is located right outside Harvard Square in Harvard Yard. Although the Library is only open to students, the University has a wealth of beautiful buildings and museums which can be visited. Also in the Yard is the seated bronze statue of John Harvard, sculpted by Daniel Chester French in 1884. The popular statue is inscribed "John Harvard, founder of Harvard College, 1638," is sometimes known as "the statue of three lies." The image is not of John Harvard, since no known rendering of him exists, the college was founded in 1636 not 1638 and John was not the founder, but an early benefactor who donated his library to the school.

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